Appliances, like a washing machine or a dishwasher, are some of the necessities that can make a house a home. Though these products seem to be individually unique in job and performance, they can actually be more connected than a homeowner might think.

The first way they are connected is by the type of appliance. Not "washer" or "toilet," but plumbing appliance or not. A plumbing appliance is a water or drain connected device. Washing machines, toilets, tubs, and even sinks qualify as this type of "appliance" even though normally we think of appliances as products that also need electricity. Because plumbing appliances need water, they are connected to a home's main water line by pipes. However, there is not a separate water line for every plumbing appliance in the home.

This brings up the second way they are connected, the source of the water supply. The drainage system is also connected. This means that if there is a problem or a backup in the main system, chances are water or sewage can back up into other appliances if one pipeline is clogged. For example, let's say that the drain line to the washing machine is clogged, the waste will follow the pipes to find a place to go causing it to possibly back up into other plumbing appliances, like a tub or toilet. That's why if a home is experiencing this type of problem, it is important to call a plumber to make sure there isn't a major blockage causing a big problem in the relationship between the pipes and the appliances.

Another way this can happen is when two plumbing appliances are used at the same time. The problem here can be water pressure. If there is not enough water pressure this can be an indication of a problem, but high-water pressure can keep appliances from being able to work together within the same pipelines. Making sure pressure is balanced is one way to ensure the unity of the pipes and appliances are also balanced.

If a home is experiencing any plumbing issues contact the professionals at Ragsdale to ensure all the appliances needed to keep a house a home run smoothly, and as they should.

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