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Did you know the only time many people think about their water heater is when their shower runs cold or the water heater begins leaking? While no one can determine exactly how long a water heater should last, a properly maintained water heater can last 10 + years. Flushing your water heater annually will prolong its life.

Why you should flush your water heater- Sediment is the reason you should flush your tank. Sediment is small bits of dirt, rock, and other debris that can build up over time in your water heater. It settles at the bottom of your water heater and continues to build up. The sediment build-up can decrease the amount of hot water the tank can hold, increase energy bills, and even worse, cause the tank to leak or burst. When water heaters burst, you could face thousands of dollars in water damage to your home.

Having a maintenance program for your plumbing helps protect your home from future leaks. We will check the following things to help ensure protection of your Atlanta area home.

  • Inspect and flush your water heater
  • Check water pressure
  • Visual inspection of drain system
  • Visual inspection of water supplies
  • Inspect/tag Main Emergency Shut off
  • Inspect stops
  • Inspect fixtures for proper drainage and leaks
  • Check water meter for indication of leak

Regular Scheduled Maintenance Will:

  • Help extend Life and Efficiency of your water heater
  • Keep utility costs to a minimum
  • Insure that your system is operating properly and safely

Benefits of Having a Maintenance Program:

  • $30.00 off diagnostic service calls
  • 15% discount on repairs and 5% on Installations
  • Priority Service
  • Agreement is Transferable
  • 24 hour Emergency Service
  • As a courtesy reminder, we contact you to schedule an appointment

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