The purpose of a dimmer switch is to provide adjustable voltage to a light fixture and create a variety of light level. By controlling the amount of power that the fixture receives, the switch allows the light to fade from brighter to dimmer. This can completely change the mood and ambiance of a room. Whether you are having company, a romantic evening or a game night with friends, your new high-tech dimmer switches can provide more benefits than just mood lighting. Let's talk about a couple of them here to help you decide if these are the right lighting options for you.

  1. Save Energy and Money
    One of the greatest benefits of dimmer switches is that, when you dim the light, you may be saving up to 10 percent on your energy bill.

  2. Longevity of Light Bulbs
    Dimmer switches increase the lifespan of the bulb by lowering the lighting wattage, which otherwise would lead to more wear and tear over time. With dimmer switches, the light bulb lasts longer than with regular lighting. By lowering the light bulb voltage, you save about 1/5th of the electricity needed and, therefore, your bulbs last much longer.

  3. Remote Control
    High-tech dimmer switches offer a variety of options when it comes to controlling the bulb and the switches, whether manual or automatic. In fact, numerous companies such as Philips offer the possibility of controlling your dimmer switches and lighting through your cell phone and Wi-Fi connection. This allows for many possibilities, like dimming from anywhere in the house, scheduling lighting, turning off lighting remotely and turning lights on even if you are not home.

  4. Preprogrammed Scenes and Controls
    Numerous companies, offer dimmer switches that allow you to control up to 16 different scenes in your home and set different lighting zones. Each button on their dimmer fixture can be programmed to control these different zones of the house, certain fixtures and even the outside lighting. By doing this, consumers can create inviting moods through various hours of the day and parts of their home.

The many benefits of dimmer switches go beyond comfortable mood lighting. Now more than ever, the movement to a more efficient way of living has paved the way for energy-saving innovations. Contact Ragsdale today if you need an electrician to install lighting in your Atlanta area home. We also offer additional quality home services including cooling, heating, plumbing and electrical.

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