Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Blowing Hard?

Feeling cool but weak air coming from the vents inside your home? You're probably having a hard time staying comfortable. This is a sign of low airflow-and by "airflow" we mean the amount of air flowing over your evaporator coil (inside cooling coil)-which is pretty crucial to your system's operation and the parts involved. This weak airflow can be caused by many different issues, some are easy to resolve and others you'll need to get a professional on board. Whatever you do, don't ignore the problem. So, let's get right into it.

First, let's tackle the issues you can fix on your own... Dirty air filter If your air filter is clogged with a thick grey blanket of dust, it's basically suffocating your system's equipment and making it really tough for air to be moved, cooled, and cycled back into your home. How to fix: Check your air filter regularly and clean/change when you can see dirt. The air filter is located inside your home's return grille (the metal vent that sucks air in) or inside a slot near your air handler.

Blocked return grille/vents Your return vents are the vents where air is sucked into the air conditioning system. If these are blocked in any way, it will reduce the amount of air coming out of your supply vents (as well as put a lot of strain on your air conditioner). How to fix: Remove anything blocking your return vent.

Kinked flex duct If your flex ductwork has any severe kinks, airflow will be restricted (which lessens the amount of air coming out of your vents). How to fix: Check in your attic for severely kinked ducts and straighten them out. You may need a professional to help.

You'll need a professional for these problems...

Dirty evaporator coil

If you forget to change your air filter or run your air conditioner without an air filter, your evaporator coil can become extremely dirty. This will restrict airflow through your system and lead to an AC that isn't blowing very hard. How to fix: Hire an AC professional to clean the dirty coils.

Leaky/disconnected duct system

Low airflow can also be a result of leaky air ducts. If your air ducts are leaking, the air is being blown into your attic or crawlspace (places that don't need to be cooled) instead of your home. How to fix: Repairing ducts is tough because ducts are often concealed in walls, ceiling, attics, and basements. Call a trusted local HVAC company to find and fix faulty ductwork.

Blower malfunctions

Your blower is a fan located in your air conditioner's indoor unit (usually in your attic, crawlspace, or a closet). The fan is what blows air in and out of your home's vents. Lots of things can cause your blower to have trouble, especially if it gets too dirty. A fan clogged by dirt, a stuck wheel, broken motor, or a loose fan belt are all common problems that reduce the amount of airflow you feel coming from your vents. How to fix: Call an AC tech to examine and fix the blower.

What next? If you've tried some of the DIY fixes and are still experiencing weak airflow (or just want a professional to handle it) call an air conditioning contractor for help. Ragsdale Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical has been serving the metro Atlanta area for over 25 years. Contact us online for more information on how we can help you.

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