Filters on your HVAC unit and vents capture dust and prevent problems with dirt. That's good news! The bad news is that a dirty air filter can do more harm than good. Here are some consequences you may face if you don't replace filters a few times a year.

Ineffective Cooling and Heating

As air filters get more and more filled with dust, there's less room for air to make its way through a filter. A "full" filter that needs to be replaced will significantly decrease airflow. This means your house cannot heat or cool as quickly, and your HVAC unit must work harder. Components such as fans and motors can become overworked and fail entirely, requiring immediate replacement. More repairs and higher heating and cooling bills are good reasons to replace your filters before these problems occur.

Dust Coatings Delay Operation

A dirty air filter can no longer remove dust effectively, so the dust in the air eventually coats components in your HVAC system. A layer of dust, unfortunately, can cause serious problems. Dust on your furnace firebox can be a fire hazard. Dust coating the metal coils can significantly impair efficiency. Overall, dust coatings in your HVAC units should be avoided.

More Allergens in Your Home

When filters can no longer trap dust effectively, they also allow excess dust to pass into your home. The dust may include allergens like pollen, or even mold spores looking for a dark, moist area to take root. If you've been noticing a lot of extra dust around the house, or have allergy symptoms that won't improve, check to see if you have a dirty air filter that needs replacement.

Frost on Your AC Unit

When cold air can't escape your AC, it backs up, lowering the temperature inside the unit and freezing the coils. This impairs efficiency and is bad for your system. It's also hard to notice unless you're looking for it.

There are many types of air filters for different purposes and units. If you have questions on how to replace a dirty air filter or have a better, more efficient air cleaners for your system, contact Ragsdale today and let us know how we can help!

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