If you're looking for ways to improve technology and innovation in your home, one place to start is your electrical system. Are your plugs and fixtures outdated or not working properly? If you're considering electrical system upgrades, you might want to have combo outlets installed by a Ragsdale pro. Here are a few ways that combo outlets can transform your home into a safe and efficient household for you and your family.

Fewer outlets in each room

Combo switches combine two different types of switches within one outlet. This allows you to have multiple uses from just one outlet. The alternative is struggling with several extension cords to accommodate several electronic devices or light fixtures. When your electrician arrives to assess the types of switches you have, ask about combo outlets. The end result will be fewer outlets, but more practical and accessible outlets in each room.

Better access and usability

Some homes have outlets with multiple power strips to help power lamps and several other devices. While this is a cheap way of powering items in your home, it is unsafe and unsightly. Overloading one outlet with several devices in a power strip can lead to circuit overload and become a fire hazard. The pros at Ragsdale can install combo outlets of various types to improve usability.

Some popular combos include:

  • 15-amp outlet with single-pole combo switch
  • 15- or 20-amp outlets with rocker switch
  • 15 amp 125-volt self-test, guide light and tamper –resistant GFCI
  • USB Charger duo 15-amp combination

Ask your electrician about available outlet options that meet your budget and household needs.

Energy efficient

Having combination outlets installed throughout your home helps conserve energy. When paired with smart technology, you can program switches to turn on and off when they are not in use. Most updated outlets are also more energy efficient than older models. This helps conserve electricity and provides less wear on your electronic devices, including appliances and televisions.

Proper amperage

With new combo outlets installed in your home, you won't have to worry about plugging in large appliances to each outlet and overloading the circuit breaker. Each switch is designed to deliver the right amount of amperage to the receptacle, making it less likely that you'll overload a circuit or blow a fuse in your home. This protects you and your family and gives you peace of mind.

Ask your Ragsdale electrician about how combo outlets and switches can work for your home. Enjoy smart technology and reward yourself with a safer home and savings in your wallet.


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