Humidity is a big problem in Georgia. Even when the temperatures get somewhat low, humidity gives you that uncomfortable, sticky feeling, making you feel hotter.

So, to fix this, many homeowners wonder how they can better dehumidify their homes when buying a new cooling system.

There are really two main options for whole-home dehumidification:

  • Replacing your AC with a two-stage air conditioner
  • Replacing your air conditioner with a single-stage AC paired a whole-house dehumidifier

So which one is better for you?

We suggest first considering installing the two-stage air conditioner. Not only does it dehumidify your home, but it works more efficiently than a single-stage AC.

But the whole-house dehumidifier has its place, as well.

Read on to learn the details.

How the two-stage air conditioner keeps you comfy and saves money

To see why we recommend a two-stage AC first, you need to know how it works.

Basically, a single-stage AC (what you probably currently have) only has one speed: ON.
It works full blast or not at all. This is very inefficient (this would be like stomping on your gas whenever you accelerate and slamming on your brakes every time you stop.)

And on mild days, when the AC does not run often, your home can get too humid (the AC can only dehumidify your home when it runs.)

So that's why two-stage air conditioners were made. They have a special compressor that allows it to automatically work on a "low" setting for milder days and "high" on hotter days.

Here's where the dehumidification and savings comes in

At the "low" setting, the AC runs longer while using less energy. So there's less starting and stopping (saving you money) and it runs longer to dehumidify the home.

Then, when it gets hotter outside, the AC automatically revs up to the "high" setting. That's why it's called a "two-stage" air conditioner.

Basically, you're getting major savings and comfort for years and years to come with a relatively small increase in upfront cost. And you save even more money, because you only have to maintain an AC system, rather than an AC system plus a dehumidifier.

So, does this mean there's no need for a whole-house dehumidifier? Surely not!

When a whole-house dehumidifier makes sense

A whole-house dehumidifier makes sense when you have a single-stage air conditioner you're not replacing, but just want more dehumidification.

This isn't to say you couldn't get a two-stage air conditioner AND a whole-house dehumidifier (because they can work together if you want). But not everyone has money for both. So we're just giving you options here.

But given that you're thinking about replacing your system, a two-stage AC is a good first choice.

And think of it like this: you can always add a whole-house dehumidifier later but you can only get the two-stage AC when you're replacing the AC (which should be about every 10-12 years).

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