Install Coordinator Tammy Driskell has a long, proud history at Ragsdale and in her lengthy career, she's seen the company grow from good to great!

When she started work 19 years ago, her workplace was a small, compact area she shared with only two other members of staff. Since then, the company has grown in leaps and bounds and now employs over 90 people. Who shared office space with Tammy all those years ago? It was Art and Jason Ragsdale. Yes, Tammy goes back a long way.

Tammy's long, excellent service has always been appreciated, but it was officially recognized in 2015 when she won the inaugural Ragsdale Employee of the Year award. She describes this as her proudest moment at the company. She strives every day to do the best she can in her work and says this was a great award. Her favorite part of working at Ragsdale is the feeling of accomplishment that she gets from helping customers.

With a busy schedule and plenty of responsibilities, it can be hard to find that work/life balance. Tammy's solution is to try to give her time to Ragsdale when it's work time, and then her family time when it isn't work time. Her job is very demanding at certain times of the year and it's tough sometimes to find time for everything and everyone. She says she's lucky to have a great support staff at work and support on the home front.

What does the future hold for Tammy Driskell? As well as continuing with her valuable contribution to Ragsdale, her bucket list is rather simple. She just wants to enjoy life with her family and especially her husband; to travel to many places and make the best out of life every day.

We appreciate Tammy and her hard work over the past 19 years. Congratulations on a job well done and thank you for your service!

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