Has your furnace stopped working? Are you wondering how long it will last now that it's on its last leg? Put your mind at ease. Learn the signs that a furnace replacement is on the horizon.

Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

If you're worried that your furnace won't keep you warm all winter long,

  • Age. Most furnaces last about 10 to 15 years. However, that doesn't mean your furnace will operate flawlessly up until its last day. As your furnace ages, start saving for a replacement.
  • Energy bills. If your energy bills are getting increasingly more expensive (and the increase is not due to inflation)—it's could be time to think about a furnace replacement.
  • Repairs. As your heating system ages, it will require more repairs. If you've already invested in multiple, costly repairs—it's probably time to give your wallet a break. There's no sense in investing more money in a heating system that will break down soon anyway.
  • Noises. Are you hearing strange sounds coming from your furnace system? Furnace replacement is likely around the corner if you're hearing banging and rattling throughout the day.
  • Thermostat. Hiking up your thermostat won't do much to compensate for an aging furnace. Spiking up the heat will likely drive energy bills up.
  • Comfort. Having to wear multiple layers of clothing and expend energy to keep your nose warm isn't normal. If you're uncomfortable in your own home, you should replace the furnace with a new system—one that employs advanced features to ensure your comfort.

Get Professional Help in Atlanta

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