You probably already know: If an air conditioner has a higher SEER rating it’s more efficient. For you, that means lower energy bills.

But, of course, every homeowner wonders, “OK, but how much money will I save with each SEER rating?”

In other words, how much will you save with a 13 SEER system vs. a 14 SEER system? Or 13 SEER vs. 15 SEER? And so forth.

Use this calculator to find out.

ENERGY STAR’S Energy Usage and Payback Calculator

This tool can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to use it. Let’s give you a quick rundown.

Step 1: Choose your location

Step 2: Enter in # of units you’re replacing and your electric rate

We’ll assume you’re paying 11.8 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) since that was the Atlanta area’s average for May 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But check your energy bills to get an accurate electric rate.

Step 3: Enter the information of two AC units

You’ll need to enter in 3 different factors here:

  • Costs of the systems plus installation
  • The units’ sizes (tons)
  • The SEER ratings you’re comparing

To find the installation cost, get free estimates for installation from your local Georgia AC company.

Find your unit’s current size (measured in tons) by reading this article.

Note: Your system may not be sized properly. A contractor should do a Manual J Heat Load Calculation to ensure your home has the correct AC size.

Now, enter different SEER ratings to compare two systems:

  • Annual costs (how much money each unit costs you each year)
  • Lifecycle costs (how much each system will cost you over their entire lifespan)
  • Savings with more efficient system (how much money you’ll save from the unit with a higher SEER)

That last one is the one you’re most interested in.

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