It's a good idea to have HVAC maintenance performed every year; maintenance twice a year is commonly advised. But what does this general maintenance look like? Here are the top steps to consider.

Filter check

Standard 1-inch filters should be replaced every 2 to 3 months. Better media filters need to be replaced once or twice a year, especially if they are dirty. Filters need to be replaced with the right size, and facing the correct direction, so details are important here.

Refrigerant Check

A professional inspection should include checking your heat pump or air conditioning unit for proper refrigeration (Freon) levels and ensuring that a leak is not present.

Electrical connections

Professional technicians should test electrical connections and voltage to make sure there is no damage from an electrical standpoint and that everything is to specified tolerances. Any sensors or safety switches should also be tested.


Dust and dirt can inhibit the performance of your HVAC system, especially when it coats fins and coils where heat is transferred. Clean all dust and debris away to improve performance. If your system uses any drains, the drain piping should be checked to make sure there are no blockages.

This is also the part of the process where units are inspected for any damage or parts that need replacement.

Ignition/burner adjustments

Gas and oil heating systems use ignition components and pilot lights that may need to be professionally adjusted to fix problems or increase efficiency. Electrical heating elements aren't as dependent on position but should be inspected for any sign of wear or damage.

Tightening up components

It's a good idea to check screws, fasteners, and any other attachments. Oiling and tightening these will prevent vibration, noise, and possible future damage – plus, it's an easy fix.

Air ducts and flues

Every maintenance visit should include an inspection of your ductwork and related components. This often involves some crawlspace work to look for any cracks or gaps. If ducts are especially dusty or moist, they should be cleaned out and renovated to avoid problems.

If you want to know more about HVAC maintenance or to schedule professional work for the heating and cooling system in your Atlanta area home, contact Ragsdale today and let us know how we can help.

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