Plumbing may be out of sight, but it probably shouldn't be out of mind when you're thinking about renovations. Here are just a few common house projects and the sometimes -- unexpected -- impact they can have on your plumbing.

Be mindful of some potential extra work and associated costs when doing the following:

Adding a new sink

Extra costs for plumbing extensions. A sink requires both hot and cold water, as well as drainage. While adding a new sink can be a great renovation project, it can often require new piping, especially if it's far away from your old sink. Include some extra room in your budget.

Replacing or adding a stove

Space requirements. A stove is a great example of this renovation issue, because it requires a large vent (either above or below), often a gas line and the right electrical work. However, the walls around your stove may already have plumbing work. Make sure there is enough room for your stove plans: This is also a good idea for any large appliance!

Changing the position of a toilet

Waste pipe limitations. If you have a great new spot for your toilet, consider thinking about the waste pipe. Waste pipes use gravity, which means they always need to be at a declining angle. It can be difficult to reposition an appliance with a waste pipe because of this – it's often possible, but it may be convoluted and expensive by the end.

Adding doorways or removing walls

Pipes hidden behind the walls. Sometimes plumbing can show up where you don't expect it. It's good to plan for a new door or for removing a (non-load-bearing) wall, but don't set your heart on a particular location until you are sure pipes and wires won't be an issue.

Talk to an Atlanta Plumber

It's a good idea to bring a plumber in during the renovation planning stage if you have any questions. For more information, contact Ragsdale and we'll help out!

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