Most homes have two primary systems: plumbing and heating and air – or HVAC. While it may seem logical that the two are connected, on many occasions they are not. Here's a simple explanation of your home's main systems and how they work to provide convenience and comfort.


The pipe system that runs throughout your home serves two purposes:

  • It brings fresh water into the home.
  • It carries waste water out of the home.

With incoming and outgoing water, you can confidently carry out tasks like daily hygiene and bathing, preparing food and watering your garden – without concern for your safety.


The heating and air conditioner make up the HVAC system, as do the ductwork vents. The furnace generates heat while the air conditioner cools the home. The ductwork carries the conditioned air into all of the rooms. Without the HVAC system, you'd be dependent upon fireplaces, space heaters, fans and ceiling fans to stay comfortable.

Common problems

It's easy to think that the plumbing and HVAC systems are somehow connected. After all, while your HVAC system may emit a nasty smell through the vents – perhaps from a rodent that died in the ductwork – the all-encompassing odor might seem to come from the plumbing drains, too. However, these two systems usually don't share any components.

And that's good news. If something goes wrong with your plumbing system, your HVAC system remains unaffected. And vice versa.

The experts at Ragsdale Heating, Air and Plumbing are happy to help with plumbing issues and heating and air conditioning problems. In fact, the best way to ensure both systems work without fail is to schedule maintenance and we are currently running $20 off any heating, air service call or diagnostic fee. Give us a call today to ask questions, schedule service or inquire about new equipment.

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