Is the kitchen sink clogged? Don't sweat it: just use these kitchen plumbing repair tips to avoid having the situation get any worse. To get that sink working again in no time:

  • Use a Plunger: Many people don't realize that a plunger can do more than just unclog the toilet! A bit of plunging can often fix sink problems, too. Just take a wet towel or piece of cloth and block any overflow opening in your sink bowl to increase suction. Use the plunger on the drain, stopping every several pumps to run water into the drain. For most small clogs, this should quickly break up the debris.
  • Try a Drain Stick: A drain stick is simply a long, toothed stick that can be used to reach down the drain, or at least until the P-trap (the bendy pipe portion under your sink) is reached. Remove the strainer or stopper, and root around with the drain to draw out clogged matter. This is most useful for hairy, sticky clogs.
  • Remove the Sink Trap: Take a look at your P-trap. Some come with a built-in plug that can pop out and clean. This makes dealing with many clogs easy. If there is no clog, turn off the water to the sink, grab a wrench and a bucket, and work to remove the P-trap section entirely. It will be a bit messy and trapped water will need to be caught. However, this allows the ability to examine the pipe section directly.
  • Rent a Drain Snake: Sometimes kitchen plumbing repair requires a bit more work. It's possible to rent a drain snake (a.k.a. a drain auger). This is a good tool for dealing with clogs buried deep in the plumbing. However, a drain snake should not be used unless you have plenty of experience - even professionals sometimes have trouble using an auger, which can cause serious damage to your home if used improperly.
  • Call an Expert for Serious Problems: If the clog is hard to locate, don't hesitate to call a professional company like Ragsdale! Many are uneasy about taking apart sink plumbing—which is understandable. However, this is a plumber's specialty. For any more questions, or for a drain problem you can make go away, call Ragsdale and we'll help you fix it! We can provide estimates, advice, and more: Learn about our drain cleaning services and techniques here.

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