Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For Spring?: Top 5 Tips For Prepping Your AC Unit

Spring is coming up quick! Though the last thing on your mind might be caring for your air conditioner, you may soon be running your HVAC system at maximum capacity to combat the warm temperatures. Here are five things to consider when prepping your air conditioner for spring.

Tip #1: Conduct a Trial Run

Make sure that your unit turns on properly. Run a complete cycle. This will help you determine if you need to contact a pro for repair. Remember to make sure the exterior condenser unit:

  • Doesn't make any strange or unusual sounds

And that the indoor HVAC unit:

  • Turns on and generates cool air right away
  • Cycles properly and doesn't shut off right away

If you notice inconsistencies, call Ragsdale to inspect your unit.

Tip #2: Amp Up Insulation

Insulating your home is important during the winter. However, it is also imperative to block out hot, humid air infiltration in the summer. Use SPF or spray polyurethane foam insulation around cracks and leaky air areas. This will help stop unwanted infiltration of hot, humid air, reduce electrical usage and help your system run more efficiently during summer.

Tip #3: Clear The Air

Dirt, dust mites and pet dander love to settle into your air duct system. If your system has been shut off for a few weeks or months, these dirt particles will resurface once you start your air conditioner. This results in reduced air quality and can be a trigger for allergies. Consider:

  • Installing an air purification system to remove pollen, dust, and other contaminants

Keeping your system clean improves the air quality in your home, as well as improving the overall efficiency and this saves you money!

Tip #4: Replace Inefficient Parts

If you know you have a faulty thermostat or other problems with your system, now's the time for repairs. Troubleshoot underlying mechanical issues. This will help ensure that your home cools down quickly and efficiently when you turn on your air conditioner this spring.

Tip #5: Complete A HVAC Unit Inspection

Spring is a good time for air conditioner preventative care. A technician will inspect your HVAC system. Consider having your system upgraded to an energy-efficient model to save on your utility bills.

Don't wait until the days get scorching hot (and you are without cool comfort inside your home). Start preparing now!

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