It's safe to say that there is a technology revolution happening across the world, and this revolution has reached the bathroom, finding new ways to offer highly advanced toilets with impressive features. Not only can toilets save water, they also have heated seats, open by motion directors and much more. Here are three innovative toilets that consumers are flocking to.

Kohler Numi Toilet – The AutoSensor Toilet

At the pinnacle of toilet innovation is the Kohler Numi Toilet. This is a compact one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl, offering any user maximum room and comfort. Its impressive list of features begins with motion sensors, meaning that the toilet requires no hands to open or close the lid. Moreover, with a precision air dryer, self-cleaning wands, and a deodorizing filter, this toilet offers advanced cleansing mechanics. The toilet also comes with a heated seat and foot warmer, ambient lighting, built-in speakers to play desired music and a touch-screen remote control. Most consumers also tout the emergency flush system, allowing users 100 flushes during a power outage.

Ove Decors Alfred Eco Smart Toilet – The Water Saving Machine

When it comes to mixing comfort and innovation, the Ove Alfred Eco Smart Toilet can be a suitable option. With motion sensors, there is no need to touch, open or close a toilet again. The toilet also features one of the most popular innovations of the year, an automatic bidet. The Ove Decors Alfred also comes with an automatic drying feature for optimal cleanliness. This eco-friendly toilet machine boasts the ability to customize the water pressure, jet intensities and amount of water, making it easier for users to save more money. Some other notable features are the heated seating, water saving technology and LED night lights.

The Bio Bidet 1B83 Fully Integrated Toilet System – The Money Saver

The Bio Bidet 1B83 Fully Integrated Toilet System is one of the first of its kind, offering a consumer all features of toilet innovation in one toilet. The design is elegant and luxurious while also promoting innovative eco-friendly technology that saves water and energy. In fact, the Bio Bidet has been ranked as one of the most environmentally friendly toilets on the market. Given the automatic bidet technology, this toilet requires no toilet paper, ultimately saving even more money. On top of the classic bidet, this toilet system also messages to promote relaxation while using the bathroom. Don't forget about the heated seat technology, a frequent fan favorite.

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