Have you ever blown a fuse and not known what to do? Look no further than our list of five things we suggest you do.

  • Turn Everything Off

    First things first: Stay calm and figure out what has been affected. When a fuse blows, it typically happens to only one section of your home. Find out what section that is, and turn everything in that section off, including light switches and appliances. Typically, this happens because there was too much strain on the system - a lot of appliances were working overtime. Cut back in the future to prevent more blown fuses.

  • Check Appliances

    It's a smart idea to test your affected appliances in a working outlet. Obviously, you can't really do this with a dishwasher or oven, but test what you can. If an appliance refuses to work even with electricity, it was probably the cause of your blown fuse. Bad news, it is now dead. Good news, new ones sure look nice.

  • Check the Fuse Box

    Head over to your gray fuse box. If you don't know where it is, you can find it in your garage, basement, utility room, and similar places. Open the box and look for clear signs of damage like burn marks, melted wires, or discolored glass. If a fuse has blown, you will need to replace it. Start by turning off the master switch to the box (you'll need a flashlight afterward), and take out the affected component - it's usually held in with a couple screws or brackets. You can use it to find an exact match at your hardware store.

  • Replace the Fuse

    With replacement fuses in hand, head back to the box: Bring your flashlight and a helpful friend too! Carefully screw in the new fuse, and then flip the master switch back to on. Turn on appliances one at a time to make sure they are all working and have compatible amperage.

  • Call for Help if Necessary

    Fuse boxes come in many different styles. You may have to cut and replace the fuse wire as well as replacing the fuse itself. You may also find that a fuse continues to blow no matter how many times you replace it. If you ever feel you are in over your head, stop. Don't try to do things you don't understand. Call a professional electrician to come out and take a look instead.

    Newer homes have a circuit breaker panel that has breakers designed to trip and simply be reset. You reset these breakers by first turning them off and back on. If it holds, check to see if you have power, if not call Ragsdale immediately to have an electrician come our to your Atlanta area home.

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