A steady drip or puddle underneath your furnace can be quite worrying. You might wonder if the water is a sign of a serious fault or if your furnace is about to break down. While a furnace leaking water probably isn't an emergency, you should call a technician to take a look at the problem, and clean up the water while waiting for him to arrive.

Why Do Furnaces Leak Water?

Furnaces produce water through combustion, and moisture in the air also forms condensation on them. Sometimes, the water can't escape or drain away as it should and it drips out or pools on the ground. Your furnace could be leaking for several reasons:

  • It's a high-efficiency gas furnace and condensation is leaking out or its drainage is blocked.
  • The flue on your standard-efficiency furnace is the wrong size.
  • Your whole-house humidifier is leaking into the furnace.

Is a Leaking Furnace an Emergency?

A furnace that's leaking water can be an emergency, if you're worried or feel unsafe, you should shut it down while you're waiting for a technician to fix the problem.

A leaking furnace isn't something you should ignore. Your home owners' insurance isn't likely to cover water damage due to lack of maintenance. If you can reach the puddle, mop it up and place a shallow tray underneath the furnace to catch the drips.

Can You Fix a Leaking Furnace Yourself?

furnace leaking water could be a simple problem or a sign of a serious fault. Blocked drainage can redirect water where it isn't supposed to go—back into the furnace—and a leaking humidifier can destroy your furnace by causing an electrical fault. Another serious problem is a cracked condensation pipe, which can quickly turn into a big leak. This can be a serious problem especially if the furnace is laced in an attic or adjacent to a finished area of your home.

Get Help from a Furnace Repair Pro in Atlanta

Ragsdale is the heating contractor you can turn to in Atlanta for expert furnace repair. We'd be happy to help if you're experiencing issues with your furnace. And once the leak is fixed, make an annual service appointment. Regular servicing helps prevent leaks from reoccurring and keeps your furnace in top shape and operating at maximum efficiency.

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