It's chilly in your home, but as you're heading for the thermostat, you notice the problem: the furnace blowing cold air. What can you do? There are two simple suggestions to try. However, your best bet may be to call in the pros. Try these fixes first:

  1. Has Your Furnace Overheated?
    If this has occurred, the blower will keep emitting cool air until the furnace has been cooled down to a safe level. The most common cause for a furnace to overheat is a dirty furnace air filter, which can block airflow. If airflow is blocked due to a dirty filter, the furnace will run longer to heat your home until it eventually overheats.

    The fix? If you notice cold air blowing, you should change the air filter and see if the furnace begins to blow warm air.
  2. Look at Your Thermostat
    If your fan is set to "on," then your furnace is constantly running, even when you don't necessarily need it to be. That may be why the furnace is blowing cold air. This is something a technician will check upon arriving at your home, so this is a good place to start.

    Even if your home is the right temperature, a fan that's always on translates into constantly blowing air. Because the furnace no longer needs to heat the home, it will likely just recirculate air. The best way to change this is by simply turning your thermostat to "auto," so that it only turns on when it needs to heat your home.

    Although this solution may seem simple, many would be surprised to hear how often this minor issue is the reason a furnace may be blowing cool air.

Call in the HVAC Experts in Atlanta

If neither of these quick fixes stops your furnace from blowing cold air, then don't waste any more time. Get in touch with Ragsdale to have an experienced HVAC technician come out and inspect your furnace.

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