Homeowners and renters alike have all been there—someone is cleaning up and the shower drain is clogged. Water begins to puddle at their feet, quickly dampening a great day.

Drains clog for a variety of reasons. Hair is one of the most common reasons a shower drain will clog. A shower is one of the ways our bodies shed any loose or unwanted hairs. As hair compiles in the drain, the clumps clog the pipes. Dirt, skin flakes and even soap scum can cause an unpleasant backup. Other reasons a drain can clog include foreign objects or paper.

There are several ways to fix a clogged shower drain. The first is to simply lift up the drain and see if it can be cleaned by removing hair or other scum from the plug or drain stopper. Another thing to look for is a foreign object caught in the drainpipe. Again, if the item can be retrieved, simply remove it from the pipes. If the problem is more severe than a simple removal, a drain cleaner from a home improvement store is the next step to take. Keep in mind that while most cleaners are safe to use, these cleaners are targeting a general array of problems. The cleaner you choose may not fit your specific needs.

If this problem occurs time and time again, if clogging persists or if gurgling starts to happen from the pipes, call a professional plumber for drain cleaning service. This could be a sign of a major problem that could be costly if not treated correctly.

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