When Brent Laird started a new job 16 years ago, working in the warehouse of a local family-owned heating, air and plumbing company, he probably had no idea he would turn out to be another Ragsdale success story.

Brent worked hard for his new employer, and his efforts paid off. Over the years, he's worked in the retro install and service departments and moved up through the company to his current position as a comfort consultant. Consequently, Brent's worked with many Ragsdale employees -- new staff and old hands -- as the company's grown, and he says his favorite part of working for Ragsdale are the people he works with.

Part of Brent's success is due to the fact that he finds it easy to maintain a work/life balance. Brent says he loves fishing and hunting. Brent is also famous for baking an awesome bannana pudding!!!

As well as continuing to make his valued contribution to the team at Ragsdale, Brent has one item on his bucket list, and that's to have the opportunity to hold hands with Scarlett Johansson. For someone as talented, hard-working, and dependable as Brent, Scarlett would be mad not to agree.

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