Do you hear constant dripping sounds in your crawlspace or basement? It's likely a sign there's a water leak coming from a cracked or broken pipe, and it's important to call in the pros to assess the problem. Ahead, you can learn basic facts about water leaks and how to remedy them before they cause a more serious problem.

Loose Hose

The main culprit in many water leak situations is simply a loose connection in the discharge hose or the hose connected to the main intake valve on an appliance. Initially, you may see or hear a light leak, which can easily be fixed by tightening the fitting on the hose to secure it to the washer or dishwasher. If the hose has broken or you're unable to reattach it, don't hesitate to call a professional plumber from Ragsdale to assist.

Broken Fitting

The fittings on PVC or copper plumbing pipes throughout your home can become loose or deteriorate over time. Rust build-up and fluctuations in heat can lead to significant wear. A cracked fitting can cause plumbing lines to break, which can lead to water loss and flood damage. If this happens, shut off your main water valve immediately and contact a plumber to repair the line.

Cracked PVC

A hairline crack in your PVC plumbing can lead to drips and a visible decline in water pressure. These types of cracks can be caused by overall wear and tear or problems involving the pipes under your sink or in your bathroom. Because water is pressurized as it travels through your pipes, it can make a hole larger rather quickly. This can lead to water damage and mold growth. Having it repaired as soon as possible keeps hidden areas under your sink and crawlspace dry and odor-free.

Clogged Discharge Drain

One of the main lines leading to your sewer pipes contains a heavy flow of waste water. In many cases, this discharge drain can build up with waste and become clogged. The result is a backup of water into the home or a slow-moving drainage system, which can lead to a crack in the pipes and, eventually, water leaks. Ask your plumber to clear the discharge drain and replace the cracked pipe to restore flow back into the line.

If you spot a leak or hear dripping sounds, call Ragsdale immediately. Our professional plumbers can troubleshoot the problem and fix it properly. Early detection can also save you from a plumbing disaster.

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