Because your air conditioning and heating system is the biggest energy user in your home, picking the right unit is a big step for your home's future. However, not many buyers take a look in the garage, closet or attic to note just what AC system they are dealing with. If you're looking for a new place, asking the right questions could help you save a lot of money! Ask questions about:

Is it a new system?: Air conditioning systems consistently improve in efficiency as new models are manufactured, but older systems can lose efficiency as they age. That gives you a good reason to choose a home that has a newer unit.

Is it sized?: By "sized" we mean that the air conditioning system has enough tonnage (not more and not less) for the size of the house. Try to note the tonnage and size of the air conditioner in the house you are looking at, then the square feet of the house – this chart can be helpful.

What is the SEER rating?: SEER ratings are used to describe efficiency in a single number to make comparisons easy. Look for SEER numbers that are at least 14 (they will be marked on the units) – this indicates a newer system that will save you more! The higher this rating number, the lower the cost to operate it.

Is it a split system?: A split air conditioning system is divided into indoor and outdoor sections with different tasks. For single-family homes, this set-up often saves money and is easier to maintain over time.

Is it insulated?: If your climate is particularly especially hot, look for insulation on the ductwork, new weatherstripping, and other signs that heat won't seep in from outside. Most building and mechanical codes require that all the ductwork be insulated.

Is it a heat pump?: In milder climates (most of the U.S. counts) heat pumps are used for both heating and cooling. Because a heat pump doesn't need fossil fuel, it can help you save in the colder months as well as in summer.

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