Out of sight and out of mind is most homeowners' attitude about their home's sewer line, but when there's a problem, it can turn serious quickly. A plumbing expert can fix a clogged sewer line before wastewater damages your home, so don't hesitate to call in an expert if you spot any of these signs.

Slow Draining

The pipes from toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and water appliances can all become clogged from time to time, but if two or more pipes aren't draining well, you may have a main sewer line clog. A toilet that suddenly becomes slow to drain is another warning sign.

Bubbling Water

The last place you'd expect to see bubbles is in your toilet or filled sink. If bubbles do appear, a sewer line clog could be causing wastewater to back up into the toilet, shower, or sink.

Blocked Cleanout Drain

Cleanout drains allow access to sewer systems. You usually find them in basements and crawl spaces in homes. Any sewage buildup or water flowing out of a cleanout drain means a blockage farther along the sewer line.

Sewage Smells

The smell of sewage is unmistakable, and sewage smells inside or near the home are never a good sign. These odors are one major indication of sewage backup potentially caused by a clogged sewer line.

Wet Yard

When wastewater doesn't drain through a main sewer line, it has to go somewhere. In some cases, a sewer line clog causes sewage to soak into the yard soil. An unexplained wet patch during dry weather might be due to a partially blocked line.

When a sewer line clogs, it's a smelly mess that isn't going to fix itself. A plumbing professional like those at Ragsdale can help you prevent a sewer line disaster.

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