Smart home technology is moving forward by leaps and bounds and can help you save money in your home. Computerized systems and the internet allow you to connect to your home or business remotely and more easily. While there are hundreds of new products on the market, here are just a few super cool new trends in smart technology for your home.

Ultimate Universal Remote Control

New devices that actually help you control your home's appliances, lighting and temperature from a remote location are gaining popularity. While it's important to have the latest eco-friendly products in place to help curb utility costs, connecting to them on another level is where a universal remote control comes in. Wouldn't you like to control your thermostat, close your vents, and see what's happening inside your living room while you're away? With new devices, much like the one created by Nest, you can. Many of your smart home products can be programmed into one device and controlled with the touch of a button. Ask your Ragsdale professional about integrating your existing eco-friendly appliances into a home automation portal to help you better manage your home.

Smart Leak Detectors

What exactly is a leak detector? It's a device in your home that senses when a leak has occurred within your plumbing system. It detects the flow or presence of water and alerts you as soon as it happens. It can also detect floods caused by storms or outside water contamination. These detectors can be programmed into your main home automation hub to notify you about a flood while you're away.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are nothing new, but they're always trending in the HVAC industry. This is because technology is improving and it's becoming easier to connect your thermostat to your smartphone or iPad-sharing apps. Look beyond preset programming to control temps. Now, you can connect to even more features including:

  • Adjusting temperatures from within another room in your home or remotely
  • Carbon monoxide detectors that send alerts to your phone app
  • Smoke detectors that talk to you and send alerts to our phone app
  • Dimming lighting control for every light that is connected to the main control home automation hub
  • Individual room temperature data and heat loss statistics and reports

Being able to have more control over your thermostat while your miles away makes it easier to adjust your monthly budget accordingly.

Smart Plugs and Switches

Now is the time to talk to your Ragsdale technician about upgrading your home's electrical system. If you've recently had your electrical box and wiring updated, ask about incorporating smart plugs and switches. This new technology trend is consistently improving. These tech-savvy items will allow you to remotely turn off electronic devices, lamps, and other appliances at any time and from any place with the touch of a button. Connect to your home automation portal for even more energy savings and access to your home while you're away.


While electronic devices plugged into an outlet can be turned on or off remotely, so can the lights and ceiling fans throughout your home. It starts with installing eco-friendly bulbs and fixtures. Go beyond programmable lighting to lighting that can be dimmed and controlled remotely. It all starts with a hub unit that wirelessly controls devices throughout your home. This is an advantage if you want to turn on lights or dim them at any time of the day from any location.

Now is the time to be more in control of your home's power and energy, and how efficiently it's being maintained. Contact Ragsdale for a complete home technology consultation.

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