Have you noticed that your house is growing dusty a little faster than usual? Are you annoyed by layers of dust that reappear after just a few days? It's time to take a look at sources of dust and what you can do to try and stop them.

  1. New pets: If you've been dealing with an unusual amount of dust lately, it's time to see if there have been any big changes in your home recently. One of the common dust-causing changes is a new pet, which will both generate plenty of dust on its own and track dust in from outside. Cleaning your pet more regularly can often help with this problem.
  2. Leaky ductwork: Many homeowners may not think much about their ducts, but over the years ducts can grow increasingly dirty – and potentially develop cracks that let crawlspace dust inside. The result is an increasingly dusty home. An inspection can help locate and solve these problems, but try replacing your filters first if it's been several months since your last filter.
  3. Dirty or old heating system: Sometimes the dust doesn't start in your ducts, but in an older heating system that hasn't been cleaned for some time. Poorly maintained furnaces can create and spread more dust around your home. It's important to maintain your systems throughout the year.
  4. Other leaks: Leaks can be hard to spot, and a combination of windy months plus gaps in your weatherstripping or hidden leaks in your crawlspaces will make your house more dusty. Maintain your insulation and watch for leaks to help prevent this.

Dust can be a potential reason that your home's air could be hurting you. The EPA has listed indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks facing the American public. For more information on beating dust and increasing the efficiency of your air conditioning and insulation, check out our air quality products and find your solutions fast!

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