This fall and winter, enjoy your outdoor landscape and make it a safe place to be by updating or installing outdoor lighting. The ideal outdoor lighting system showcases your home and extends the time you can spend outdoors with friends and family. For the ideal outdoor lighting experience, here are some suggestions to make your yard really stand out.

Option #1: Pathway Lights

In addition to illuminating passageways in the landscape for safety reasons, pathway lights offer a warm and welcoming feel to the outdoors. A well-lit path from the street to your home, for instance, lets visitors know that you want them to quickly and easily navigate their way to your front door. Other well-traveled paths in your yard to consider lighting up include walkways, sidewalks and driveways.

Option #2: Step Lighting

Step lighting involves recessed fixtures installed into stairs or steps. This type of lighting is especially important if the steps are in a location of the yard where they could be missed at night. Strategically located step lighting can prevent accidents and ensure that navigating the outdoors after dark is a pleasant experience.

Step lights can be installed in stairways, as well as in landscape items where stepping up or down is required, such as decks. Such lights can be incorporated into wood and masonry.

Option #3: Spot and Accent Lights

Spot and accent lighting are designed to concentrate light onto a specific area—generally to create a dramatic effect in the nighttime landscape. Many spotlights direct lighting to a specific spot—for instance into a tree or onto an architectural feature like a gazebo or statue.

Spotlights can be used for various accent lighting techniques, such as downlighting, which projects light down through trees and creates the effect of moonlight, and up lighting, which sends light up into trees. Shadow lighting is another accent lighting technique that projects light in a way that creates a focal point—for instance the shadow of a tree or fountain cast onto a light wall.

Option #4: Flood Lights

As their name suggests, flood lights illuminate a large area. They can be used, for instance, to spotlight your home in its entirety or to showcase a large tree. Flood lights can be installed on motion sensors, which saves electrical costs and ensures safe navigation around the landscape at night.

ALL of these light options are offered in LED fixtures offering years of hassle-free service.

If you're considering installing landscape lighting this fall and winter, at Ragsdale Heating, Air & Plumbing we're happy to discuss your options, including a 40-point electrical inspection.

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