Water heaters are an essential part of a home. Why? Water heaters are connected to things like showers, sinks, and other appliances that almost everyone uses on a daily basis. When a water heater problem occurs, it is important that you know what to do. Here are three signs that you might have a water heater issue:

  • Scenario #1: You Have No Hot Water: Nothing is worse than a hot shower turning cold. Solving this problem might be simple. If you run out of hot water, wait a while to see if the water just needs to be reheated. This is especially important to remember if several people or appliances have been using the water. If the heater is electric, see if the breaker has been tripped. A tripped breaker may cause the water heater to stop working. While these quick fixes might be the answer-running out of hot water could be an indicator that you need a bigger tank or a tankless solution to accommodate your home's needs.
  • Scenario #2: Your Hot Water Smells: Sulfur smells can come from a variety of different sources. One is rust. Rust can sometimes cause a slight discoloration in water coming out of the faucet. The smell may also be a result of bacteria. This is especially common for systems that use well water.
  • Scenario #3: Water Is Leaking: If the water heater is leaking, you could have a valve or gasket problem. If the issue is a small drip put a bucket under the leak until the problem is resolved.

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