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A heat pump is an air conditioner that also works in reverse. In other words, it cools your home in the summer and heats your home in the winter.

Want to know what's even better? It's more energy efficient than just about every other heating method out there. In fact, energy.gov estimates that a heat pump can save you as much as 30% to 40% on your heating costs. Plus, they're ideal for moderate heating climates like Atlanta.

Why would you want a heat pump?

  • Free money to help you pay for the upgrade - Local utility companies like Georgia Power, Greystone Power, Cobb EMC, Marietta Power and Carroll EMC are all encouraging homeowners to upgrade to heat pumps by offering incentives and rebates of up to $600.
  • Truckloads of energy savings - Whether you have an electric, natural gas or propane heater, a heat pump will almost always save you money in decreased utility bills.
  • No more expensive propane fill-ups! - If your home is heated by propane, you know the inconvenience and cost of getting your propane tank filled up every winter. Heat pumps run on electricity and eliminate this hassle.
  • Reliable, tested technology - Heat pumps use the same technology as air conditioners and have been around for years. Plus, most heat pumps last longer than most furnaces.

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