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Do you or your spouse consistently complain that it's too hot in the living room? Meanwhile, your teenager says her room is too cold. Everyone has their own definition of what comfort is, especially when it comes to temperature.

If each member of your household has a different comfort preference, why should your HVAC work on the assumption that one-temperature-fits-all? A zoning system lets you set specific temperatures for different rooms or "zones" in your home, allowing everyone to be comfortable and saving you money in the long run.

How Does a Zoning System Work?

When you have a zoning system installed in your home, the technician places several dampers or valves in the ductwork that leads to each room or area of the house. The dampers control how much warm or cool air travels through the ducts, into the rooms or zones.

Zoning systems also rely on multiple thermostats, one for each zone you've established. The individual thermostats allow you to set the temperature in one zone to 75 degrees and the temperature in the second zone to 72 degrees, for example. If no one is using a zone, you can switch off the cooling or heating in that area, so that you aren't paying to cool or heat an empty room.

What Are the Benefits?

Zoning systems offer several benefits. For one thing, they put an end to the fight over the thermostat for good. If one member of your household is always cranking up the AC while someone else prefers the home warmer, giving each person control over his or her area will put an end to the battle.

Another benefit of installing a zoning system for cooling your home is the energy savings you'll experience. There's no need to cool a room no one's using, and you shouldn't have to pay to cool unused rooms. With a zoning system, you can reduce your home's energy use and see a significant savings on your monthly utility bill.

Financing for Zoning Systems

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