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Don't be confused by the name. A heat pump not only heats your home in the winter. It also cools your home in the summer, by moving heat from indoors to outdoors. Heat pumps are ideal for areas with moderate climates, such as Atlanta.

Heat pumps also happen to be among the most energy-efficient cooling and heating systems available. Depending on the type of heat pump you have installed, it can reduce your home's energy use for cooling by 50 to 60 percent, according to Energy.gov.

4 Reasons to Cool Your Home with a Heat Pump

  • Technology you can depend on - The technology behind a heat pump is the same as the technology behind a refrigerator. Heat pumps also have a longer life than furnaces and central air conditioning units.
  • Powered by electricity - There's little maintenance involved in using a heat pump and no need to schedule a propane or oil tank fill up in the winter, as heat pumps run on electricity.
  • Reduced energy costs - A heat pump uses less energy than other air conditioners, meaning you get to enjoy a much lower utility bill.


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