Why Carrier?


From the beginning, Carrier has been a natural leader. Not simply for the fact that Carrier created an entirely new and innovative product, but becasue as we did so, we set the standard in environmental responsibility. Since 1994, Carrier has led the industry in the phase-out of ozone-depleting refrigerants while introducing many of the world's most energy efficient heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. 



Carrier is a company of ideas, committed to applying cutting-edge research and development techniques to create solutions that improve environments and enhance human comfort. The business is driven by a fundamental sense of global citizenship and responsibility. Carrier believes in the relentless pursuit of quality. 


Turn to the Experts

Turn to the Experts is much more than a phrase. It is an absolute commitment to being the expert in everything Carrier does. It's a way of working that extends from the engineer focused on the leading edge of technology to the team members who assemble the products to the contractors who service customers and everyone in between.