Surge Protection

Surge Protection Installation 

Expert Surge Protection Installation in Marietta and Surrounding Areas

We’ve all experienced power flickers in our homes during a thunderstorm, while running a power-heavy appliance such as an air-conditioner or refrigerator, or at unexpected times when weather is clear. These seeming dips in power are caused by surges—sudden and potentially destructive spikes in voltage.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association(NEMA) estimates that 60-80% of surges occur within the home from large appliances turning on and off. They can also be caused by external sources that travel in to your home from electric, phone and cable lines and from lightning strikes. These surges can be devastating to the sensitive electronics in today’s modern homes, which receive power surges many times throughout the day.

Your home should be guarded against electrical surges with a whole-home surge protector installation. Our skilled electricians can install a surge protection device on your electrical panel or at the base of your meter. These devices shield your entire electrical system, including light switches and outlets, from surges.

Call Ragsdale today to make sure your home is properly protected with expert surge protection installation in Marietta and surrounding areas by licensed electricians.