When Household Electrical Cords Rip: Repair or Replace?

Have you noticed a tear or damage to an electrical cord? If cords rip and wires can be seen, then that cord is a fire hazard (and may soon stop working). It's time for cord repair or replacement – but which one, and where to begin? Let's talk about whether to repair or replace a damaged cord, and what's best to know before starting.

Repair or replace?

  • Phone charger cords: Phone charger cords frequently tear and come apart. But since they are so affordable, it's usually a good idea to replace them entirely, especially with versions that are more durable.
  • Extension cords: Extension cords need to do tough work in often dangerous environments. You can replace the plugs if they fail, but if the cord itself is damaged, you should probably get a new, tougher cord.
  • Lamp cords: Lamp cords are tricky because they can't easily be replaced without some delicate wire splicing. Reinforce and repair if you can.
  • Large appliance cords: These cords have heavy-duty jobs to do, and you probably won't be able to keep track of them if they start to break down. Replace them when possible, especially if the cord is a separate accessory that can be easily detached. Large appliance cords such as those found on dryers and stoves should be replaced by a qualified eletrician.

Replacing cords

When your electrical cords rip, first look for replacement parts or full replacement cords. Always go to the manufacturer for this. This is no guarantee that any other product is up to specifications or quality, so stick with the manufacturer of the device every time. If the manufacturer doesn't make a cord replacement, then ask an electrician or related expert what sort of cord to look for. You can always take the cord into a store to ask about finding a match.

Do you have more questions about when your electrical cords rip, or what to do when something goes wrong with an appliance? Contact Ragsdale today with your questions and how we can help out!

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