Power Outages and Electrical Supply Issues: Preventions and Reactions

If you've ever dealt with a power outage caused by a tripped breaker—you know how frustrating finding a solution can be. To avoid tripping any breakers, manage how you use electrical supply inside your home. For example, sidestep plugging multiple devices into a single outlet as this is one of the most well-known recipes for electrical shorts and breaker problems. Don't go too crazy with the Christmas lights. Finally, don't plug in too many appliances in a single room. This can put stress on your electricity. It may even result in the power shutting off in parts of your house.

Although a simple breaker reboot can fix many of these issues, it's best to skip putting a strain on your system altogether. This is especially important in the winter months when these issues are more common. If you want more outlets or an updated system, contact Ragsdale's electrical team.

Preventing Widespread Power Outages

While it's easy to think of power outages as something caused by storms and dealt with by power companies, sometimes the problem can be found (quite literally) in your backyard. The good news is you can help prevent power issues with the right maintenance.

Specifically, there are two things a homeowner can do. First, make sure that none of your yard's landscaping threatens nearby power lines. Keep your trees and shrubs well-trimmed if there is any danger of branches falling on power lines. Though, power companies often perform tree maintenance themselves, they may not always get to your house in time. In this particular case, waiting isn't worth the risk.

Second, watch your electrical supply use during times of extremely high demand. This is seen most often in tremendously urban areas (think New York) as a result of everyone turning their air conditioners to maximum settings that the power grid cannot handle. However, this information is also good to remember while in your own neighborhood.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Suppose a power outage does happen. Homeowners need to do more than light a few candles and wait for an internet signal. Here are few safety tips:

  • Keep water and refrigerator use to a minimum. Your pumps and systems aren't functioning, which means refrigerator/freezer temperatures are slowly decreasing, and usable water is limited. Ration a little to avoid difficulties.
  • Be careful with alternative fuels. Cities often see a rise in carbon monoxide poisoning during power outages because people bring in their gas heaters to warm the house and cook food. Gas burners should not be used in an enclosed area that does not have proper ventilation.
  • Reset your appliances. If your appliances are acting funny after an outage, you may need to reset them.

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