Planning a Home Theater? Call an Electrician First

Contemplating a new entertainment system or home theater project? Think about calling up an expert before buying that new TV: Here's why an electrician will be able to help when it comes to planning and safety!

Wiring Speakers

While wireless speakers are available, many home entertainment systems still use wired speakers for their surround sound setups. There are advantages to sticking with wires, but to position surround sound speakers correctly you may have to string out those cables a long way around the room. One of the solutions for this is running cables through the wall or under the crawlspace. However, this means navigating other electrical work, so your speaker wiring may be best left to a professional electrician.

Old Wiring and Outlets

Older homes may have wiring and outlets that are not designed for today's TVs, consoles, receivers and other devices. If you live in an older home, then it's a good idea to call up an electrical technician and ask, "I'm thinking about setting up a home theater, and this is how old my wiring is. Will my wiring be able to handle it?"

Electrical Load for the Room

If you are installing an entertainment system in a room that hasn't had this kind of setup before, you should consider the new electrical load. You don't want a breaker to flip every time you turn on your system! An experienced electrician can offer advice about how the electrical load requirements will impact your new system, your lights, and if you need special wiring done to prepare for your installation.

Preventing Power Surge Issues

Storms or electrical grid issues can create a power surge that may damage sensitive electrical devices. If you are hooking up multiple devices in your home theater, you need the proper protection. It's a good idea to ask an electrician for advice on what kind of surge protector to use and how to use it properly when setting up.

Mounting Home Theater Components

In some cases you may need to mount TVs or speakers as part of the project. If you are mounting on wall studs, this should not be a large concern. However, if you plan more extensive mounting and renovation, consider asking an electrician if you need to watch out for any internal wiring.

Have a more specific electrical question to ask? A Ragsdale professional can help, so give us a call!

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