Kitchen Electrical Repair: What to Check While Waiting for the Electrician

We know it's frustrating when an appliance stops working and you're faced with kitchen electrical repair. But before you call up an electrician to come take a look – which is a good idea – check out these steps to help solve simple issues and prepare your kitchen for a professional visit.

Check circuit breakers

Sometimes, if an appliance suddenly stops working entirely, it may be your circuit breakers. If your kitchen breaker flipped, then power may have been shut off to your entire kitchen. It's often easy to tell (lights go off, too), but just in case, you should check your circuit breakers and make sure your kitchen is still operational. If you reset a breaker and it trips off again leave the breaker off and call an electrician.

When in doubt, always shut off your kitchen breaker while waiting for repairs. This habit is an important safety precaution that can prevent electrical fires if something has gone seriously wrong.

Take a look around the appliance

Examine the appliance for anything strange. Random leaks and strange buzzing noises may indicate the source of problems you didn't know about. Some appliances will even stop working if they are moved or placed on an uneven surface. Anything you notice is valuable to you and the electrician – and could solve the problem in one simple step.

Check GFCIs

GFCIs are ground-fault circuit interrupters that shut down individual outlets for safety reasons. Outlets in kitchens are frequently GFCI-enabled and tend to be especially sensitive to water. If water splashed on an outlet, the device may have automatically shut down and needs to be turned on again.

If you don't know what you're doing, don't mess around

Obviously, this is a good idea for safety's sake. But even if you think you can handle basic wiring repairs, it's smart to wait for an electrician to check the appliance. You can void the warranty on an appliance by messing with the wiring, which is unfortunate if you ultimately need to replace it.

Not sure who to call about a kitchen electrical repair? Contact Ragsdale and we will provide you with an experienced electrician to help figure out what went wrong.

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