Bathroom Electrical Repair: What You Should Know

Electrical appliances make your bathroom comfortable and convenient to use, but they can spell danger when something goes wrong. It's an old but true saying that water and electricity don't mix. When you need a bathroom electrical repair, take steps to keep yourself and your family safe while waiting for the repairman to arrive.

Basic Steps
It doesn't matter if it's a faulty socket, broken heat lamp, or other defective electrical appliance in your bathroom, it makes sense to prevent avoidable accidents. As soon as you notice a problem with a electrical bathroom appliance:

  • Turn off the power supply to the appliance
  • Tell your family and any guests that the appliance is faulty and they mustn't use it
  • Keep children or pets away
  • Call an electrician about a repair or replacement

Safety Tips
Bathrooms can be dangerous places, but you can help prevent electrical accidents in yours by following some simple safety tips.

  • Dry your hands before using small appliances like hairdryers and electric razors
  • Unplug appliances when not using them
  • Don't use portable electric heaters in bathrooms
  • Don't leave an electrical appliance near a sink, shower or bathtub

When an electrician has carried out the bathroom electrical repair, you can take the opportunity to ask him for advice on electrical safety in your bathroom. If you don't have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacles (GFCI's) installed in your bathroom the electrician will probably recommend that you have them installed right away. GFCIs cut the electrical supply when they detect a fault, and they're a necessary electrical safety device wherever electricity and water could come into contact. If you already have GFCIs in your bathroom, test them monthly.

Your electrician might also suggest covering bare lighting fixtures and replace any light switches or sockets that show signs of wear.

Your bathroom can stay safe for your family even when you need a bathroom electrical repair. Talk to your electrician about electrical safety in your bathroom.

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