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Nest Pro InstallationRagsdale Heating, Air & Plumbing now offers the Atlanta area a brighter way to save energy and keep your home safe—with products from Nest.

Imagine having a thermostat that learns your habits and learns to adjust itself to match your life. You'll not only enjoy a more comfortable home, you'll also see a reduction in your energy bills.

Imagine having a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm that talks to you. You'll get a friendly notification that something's amiss, both from the alarm itself and on your smartphone.

Imagine a home security camera that's as beautiful as it is functional. You're not only able to see what's going on at your home, you can also speak to and scare away any unwanted visitors.

3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest thermostat really gets to know you. After about a week in your home, the thermostat knows your schedule and your heating and cooling preferences. It'll start to program itself, providing you with a thermostat setting that's comfortable to you and that can help save you money. Independent studies of the thermostat show that it helped people save about 15 percent on their cooling bills and up to 12 percent off their heating bills. The thermostat typically pays for itself within two years.

When you choose the learning thermostat, you get all these features:

  • Auto-Schedule - Your thermostat learns your preferences and begins to program itself based on when you're home and when you're away.
  • Auto-Away - There's no point in heating or cooling an empty home. Your thermostat can sense when you're not at home and will turn itself down until your return.
  • Energy History - Nest keeps track of your energy use, so that you can see which days you use the most energy and find ways to cut back.
  • Nest Leaf - A Leaf icon on the screen of your thermostat lets you know you've chosen an energy efficient temperature.
  • Farsight - Walk into the room and your thermostat will light up to show you the temperature, time or weather. You can choose from a variety of face designs. Farsight makes it easy to see the display, no matter where you are in the room.
  • 5-year Warranty - Professionally installed thermostats include a 5-year warranty.
  • Choice of Design Options - Whether your home has a modern style or a more classic decor, the thermostat has a number of ring options, making it easy to find one that suits your tastes.

Nest Protect

If you've ever stood under a smoke alarm that was beeping incessantly because of some burnt toast, you've probably wished for a smarter machine. Nest Protect is a combination smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm that does more than your average alarm. It lasts for up to 10 years, tests itself and gives you an idea of exactly what the problem is.

No more random beeping. With this alarm, you know where the smoke or carbon monoxide is coming from. The alarm actually talks to you and can send an alert to your smartphone.

Nest Cam

Who's watching your home when you're not around? Nest's security cameras will record activity in and around your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even better, the cameras include a microphone and can connect to your smartphone. When you get an alert that someone's at or in your home, you can speak through the camera to scare the person away.

The cameras do more than protect your home. They also allow you to communicate with delivery drivers or postal workers, even if you're away. Since you can tell a delivery driver where to leave a package, you won't have to deal with the hassle of missed deliveries any longer.

Nest works with other products

When your home appliances are smarter, your entire home is smarter. A number of products connect with Nest's family of products automatically. When your lights, water heater and oven range are all working together, it's easy to save money and to protect your home in case of an emergency.

Look for the "Works with Nest" logo when choosing new appliances for your home. Here's just a small sample of products that seamlessly connect with Nest's suite of products:

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Rheem Water Heaters
  • GE Appliances
  • Sleep Number Bed
  • Whirlpool Washers
  • Philips Hue Lights
  • Caseta Wireless Dimmers

Nest's products help you save money and energy and keep your family safe. For professional Nest installation in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, call Ragsdale today.

Outstanding Knowledge

The gentleman that came out has an outstanding working knowledge of your industry. He supplied all options, therefore I believe he is a valuable employee to Ragsdale H/A. Thanks for the quote.

Friendly and Efficient

Tech was very friendly and efficient was a great experience Office personnel also very friendly and prompt to get my needs taking care of Would and will highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who my need service to their HVAC systems Thank you.

Someone We Can Trust!

Ragsdale is someone we can trust! They always come when they tell us and even call us a few minutes before they arrive. They are honest about what they find and never charge for things we don't need!! We wouldn't trust our home system to anyone else!

Very Pleased

We just purchased a new a/c system and had it installed by Ragsdale. Every step of the process was handled efficiently, and with great courtesy. Everyone was very nice, informative and strove to provide great service. The new system is awesome! Very pleased.

Great Experience

Had a great experience with Ragsdale. I’ve been a customer of theirs for so many years. The technician was nice and friendly. Did my yearly check up and there was no problems. Thank you!

Professional and Knowledgeable

Had an urgent call, chipmunk chewed through wires, and Mark with Ragsdale Heating and Air was out in less than 2-hours as a work in customer. I request Mark for all my maintenance during the year. He is professional, knowledgeable in his trade and an all around nice guy.

Prompt and Professional

Allen was so kind and personable. Diagnosed the problem quickly. Re-lit the pilot light on water heater and warned me I'd have to replace it soon. Gave me an estimate. Unfortunately, I needed to replace the water heater the following day, but the next plumber was able to do it seamlessly based on Allen's report. I would definitely use this service again! Prompt and professional!

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