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Solar Ventilators Improve Air Circulation, Lengthen The Life Of Your Roof, And Remove Hot Air

Powered by the sunlight, solar ventilation systems from Ragsdale help keep your Atlanta area home cool in the summer. They also promote an extended life for your roof, shingles, and HVAC system.

Reasons You Need Solar-Powered Ventilation For Your Home

Solar-powered ventilation systems have many benefits. First, they’re powered by the sun so that helps you save on energy bills from the start. Solar ventilation systems help keep attic temperatures low, which means your air conditioner won’t get overworked trying to keep your home cool during the summer months.

A few advantages of having Coolray install a solar ventilation system at your home include:

  • Keeps Your Attic Cool So Your AC Isn't Overworked
  • A Cost-Effective Option That Pays For Itself Since You Save On Monthly Energy Costs
  • Keeps Your Attic Cool Which Helps Extend The Life Of Your Shingles And Roof
  • Prevents Moisture In Your Attic From Increasing To The Point It Damages Wood Or Other Infrastructure In Your Home

Why Should I Choose Ragsdale To Install Solar Ventilation?

Reasons why metro Atlanta residents trust Ragsdale:

  • When you call us, you’ll always speak with a live person who is an employee of Ragsdale.

  • All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We’re a locally owned and operated electrical contractor with offices throughout the Atlanta metro area.

  • We take the time to meet with you and understand your needs so we can create custom solutions that meet or exceed your expectations.

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Attic Ventilation Overview

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    If you have the proper amount of insulation and it is installed correctly, you can save on your home energy bill!

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