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Adding vents to your attic – both intake and exhaust – is key to keeping your attic free from moisture and your energy bills down. Intake vents are most typically installed under the eaves of your roof to bring cool air inside, and exhaust vents are placed at the highest point of your roof to expel rising heat.

After adding insulation to your attic, making sure fresh air can circulate may feel like a contradiction, but there is a reason: not only will a sealed attic trap excess heat in the summer, making your air conditioning bill higher, it will also cause moisture on your roof in the winter to melt and refreeze, creating the potential for ice dams that produce roof damage and leaking inside your home. Intake and exhaust vents eliminate these concerns.

According to Remodeling Magazine's 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, adding attic insulation turns out to be the #1 upgrade project with the best ROI (over 100%)!

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