A working air conditioner is essential to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer heat. If yours is old or in need of repair, it might be better to replace it now rather than face a hot, sticky wait for a new air conditioner when your current one breaks. Newer air conditioners are more efficient than older models and could you save money on energy bills.

Time for Retirement

Energy Star advises homeowners to replace air conditioning units that are older than 10 years. A high-efficiency unit that carries the Energy Star label could reduce your cooling costs by up to 20 percent. Older air conditioners also may use R-22 refrigerant, which federal regulations state must be phased out of use.

Programmable Thermostat

If your current air conditioner doesn't have a programmable thermostat, you're probably wasting money cooling your house when no one's home. A programmable thermostat on a new air conditioner allows you to control the times of use and temperature settings so that you use the unit more efficiently.

Beyond Repair

Sometimes, buying a new air conditioning unit is less expensive than paying regular repair bills on an older model. If you aren't happy with the performance of your unit because it doesn't keep your home cool enough, or your power bills are too high, it may be time for a new air conditioner. Rattling and rumbling noises from the motor are another sign that a replacement is a better solution than an attempted repair.

Though replacing an air conditioner is more expensive than paying for a repair, there are times when it makes sense to bite the bullet and purchase a new model. A new air conditioner is likely to be less expensive to run, to cool your home better and to be programmable so that it's only working when you need it.

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