If you've got a serious air conditioning problem, you'll be considering whether it's time to repair or replace it. Replacing it could cost several thousand dollars up front, but there are times when repairs just don't cut it. Let's look at several common AC situations and whether repairs or replacement is the best option.

Your AC unit is very noisy/rumbling

While loud AC rattling or rumbling can be worrisome, these noises are usually caused by loose screws, poor ignition, or old fan belts, and can be fixed with a simple repair. The exception is serious problems with motors or furnaces, which opens the door to a full replacement.

You can't get your house to cool down, no matter what

If your AC unit is malfunctioning, pure and simple, sometimes electrical failures or sensor problems keep it from performing, and these parts can be replaced. The second cause, however, is that the AC unit just can't cool the amount of space in the building, and in this case should be replaced with a larger version.

Your thermostat is not programmable

Programmable thermostats are handy, timesaving, and can lower your cooling bills. Check to see if you can add on a programmable thermostat, or if it's time to replace the entire unit.

You have consistent dust and pollen problems all year

In some cases, dust is a filter or insulation issue, which can be fixed with minor maintenance. At the most, you may want to consider adding a purification system.

Repair costs are out of control

If the repair costs for an old unit are getting expensive, it's time to think about replacing it with a more efficient system.

Your AC uses R-22 refrigerant

They're becoming rarer, but AC systems that use R-22 refrigerant should be replaced according to federal regulations.

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