Winter is coming. As a result, many are concerned about airflow (and expenses) during the cooler months. One of the biggest questions we get asked has to do with fans—or more specifically ceiling fans. Many are wondering how they should be used during winter. Though this seems like a time when they should be inactive, that's not always the case.

Fans Can Be an Asset

Don't turn that fan off just yet as this seemingly summer exclusive item can be a winter necessity. Though many may not realize it, ceiling fans can be used as a homeowner's biggest advantage when it comes to winter savings and comfort.

Think about this: hot air rises. Though this is a fact most know to be true—many don't ask how rising hot air can be used as a benefit. Insert the ceiling fan. The basic function of a fan can help to not only move air, but also to add warmth to a home without turning up the heat.

How to Reverse a Fan

A reversed ceiling fan can help redistribute the heat around the home the same way it does with the cooler air in the summer. This can help reduce energy costs and save homeowners money. Most fans only require a simple switch of a button to change directions. In addition, alternating this technique with maintenance from Ragsdale Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical can add to the cost effectiveness.

How to Keep Warm

Worried about wind-chill? The good news is the effect a fan has on the hot air is not reliant on speed, just movement. A fan can be on the lowest setting and still move the hot air around making the room more enjoyable for everyone. Even the 'cold blooded' can rest easily with a fan all winter.

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