By leaving a review for a company, the company can gain valuable insights into how they are doing. It also allows them to examine their processes and procedures and make sure that they provide excellent customer service. We appreciate that Jean took the time to let us know how we did with her HVAC replacement. Thanks Jean for writing in and telling us how we did. It's great to hear that you love our service and we are glad that your dog loved us too! Here is Jean's story and you can share yours here.

I entertained the idea HVAC replacement for several weeks by reading multiple articles and reports from various websites. Luckily for me, a friend of mine recommended I talk to a local company, preferably family owned. Well, before I had an opportunity to research such companies, fate stepped in as I came to stop for a red light. Right in front of me was one of your trucks - how's that for destiny! I came home, made the call and the rest is my love story with your company and its representatives.

Mr. Chris Boyd is a gift from the heating and air gods. Not only is his personality a great fit for his job, he displayed a sincere interest in my concerns as he walked me through what he thought best for my problem spots. I was astonished when I realized that he spent nearly 4 hours with me. His knowledge, his ability to listen and his genuineness are rare attributes. I had no intention of sealing the deal that day but those character qualities Chris possesses went a long way in assuring me I was making the right decision. Before I end my appreciation of Chris and all that he did, I want you to know that Chris is the only sales person that my dog liked and interacted with. She talked to Chris like a long-lost friend. That may be trivial to some but I put stock in my dog's ability to read people.

Next was the installation. Arriving early at my front door were four gentlemen: Robbie Head, Rodney English, Lee Henderson and Ross Abel. The first thing they did was present themselves to my dog before introducing themselves to me. I loved it and so did my dog! These four gentlemen went out of their way to keep me apprised of their progress and the few insignificant hiccups that appeared. I have no doubts they did a superior job. They were professional in their work and courteous in manner.

Lastly, everyone I spoke with at Ragsdale displayed professionalism, friendliness, and competency. I sleep easily knowing I made the right investment by choosing Ragsdale Heating and Air. I send you my sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well done.

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