When it comes to upgrades, your home's electrical system is something that needs to be top-notch in order to provide a safe and comfortable home environment. With technology advancing every day, finding more effective lighting options is simple. Not only can high efficiency technology options save you money on your utility bills, it can also simplify your life. Here are some reasons to consider making an upgrade.

Smart Systems

If you want to upgrade to smart technology, you may want to ask your Ragsdale pro about a smart lighting system. A home automation system will link your entire home with a smart system that allows you to control your lights from virtually anywhere. The process involves:

  • Upgrading your home's electrical system
  • Installing a smart system in your home
  • Replacing old bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Connecting the home system to a wireless controller and remote access pad

A smart system can start off at a base model with access to just a few lighting controls or range to an advanced system that controls everything inside and outside of your home.

Outlets And Dimmers

If you decide to install a wireless system or you just want to upgrade to some newer light technology, start off with new outlets and dimmer switches. You can have outlets installed that are connected to Wi-Fi, to allow you to control access to turning electronic devices on or off from anywhere. Consider wireless smart plugs that control ceiling fans and lighting from anywhere. Choose dimmer switches that connect to a home automation network so that you can gain wireless control from your Smartphone or computer.


Your light bulbs are the force that powers the ambiance in your home. If you have a full house smart system that is remotely controlled, choose smart LED bulbs that will respond to the correct unit. Dimmable bulbs are another option if you choose not to connect to a home automation system. This allows you to control lighting and create an energy efficient household.


Whether you upgrade to a clear connect device, proprietary or Wi-Fi enabled system, make sure your light fixtures can accommodate this change. Not only should you consider interior chandeliers and lights, don't forget about the outdoors. Security LED wall lanterns and wireless video doorbells can be connected to alert you when someone approaches any entryway.

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