The opportunity to buy a new toilet is also a chance to make key changes to a fixture in your home that rarely changes. So, find out what's important to look for when shopping, and why these features matter.

The Right Bowl for Your Space

Toilets come in several different shapes and sizes. Bowls are generally either round and short, or stretched out in a pear-like shape with extra room. The "footprint" of the toilet can either stretch all the way to the back wall or create the more familiar isolated island. The bowl height can vary between 14 and 17 inches on average. There's no need to feel overwhelmed by all of your options. Start thinking about your current toilet setup and space: Are there any issues related to space or comfort that you want to address? Choose a new toilet with these concerns in mind.

Minimal Crevices

Standard toilets tend to have a lot of crevices, which isn't ideal, especially when it's time to clean them. Shop for a new toilet that has minimal crevices and a smoother profile, which looks better and is easier to clean. Tankless and wall-mount toilets are especially minimalistic, but there are many design options to choose from.

Pressurized Versions

Unlike standard gravity-based toilets, pressurized versions add some extra force to flushes. This setup is useful if you have a large family, have had troubles with "sweating" toilets in the past, or want to avoid clogging issues. However, you'll need at least 25 pounds per square inch of water pressure for them to work.

Low-Flow Models Help Save Water

Low-flow toilets use less water in more efficient ways, especially those sold after 1994. So, you save money on water bills while also helping the environment. New low-flow toilets still have all the flushing force you need, so there are few drawbacks to choosing these models. Look for models with around 1.28 gallons used per flush for high efficiency.

Another trending option in the U.S. is a dual-flush toilet, which gives you two flush options for liquid or solid waste to help save water but still provides the flush you need.

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