Ragsdale prides itself on being a family company, and the long, successful careers of its employees show how well that attitude works for retaining excellent staff. One success story is that of Install Supervisor Brian Norton.

Brian recently celebrated his 18-year anniversary with the company, and altogether his career working in HVAC spans an impressive 35 years. As you might imagine, in that time he has had some interesting experiences.

A family man through and through, Brian fits right in at Ragsdale. His favorite things about working for the company are the people he works with and that it is a hometown company. He says Ragsdale has grown considerably in his time there, and every year the staff try to offer an even better service to their customers. His proudest moments have been when customers call to brag on him.

So, what about those interesting experiences? Brian's funniest moment while working for Ragsdale was when Art Ragsdale called him about another employee, Rodney English. Rodney had got trapped on a roof, and Art wanted Brian to go help him get down. Well, Brian found it funny. Rodney didn't.

But life isn't all work, work, work. There's more to Brian than getting his colleagues down from high places. In fact, he says his family is the one thing he really can't live without. He has three sons and five grandchildren to keep him busy, and his recipe for balancing work and home is to leave work at work when he can. Another side to Brian that his colleagues might not be aware of is that he hopes to go elk hunting in Montana one day.

A family company helps its workers thrive so they can provide excellent service, and Brian Norton is a great example.

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