Bad habits with your garbage disposal can eventually turn into plumbing woes. But since it's difficult to remember the do's and don'ts of what to dispose when cleaning the kitchen every night, we've collected a simple list. Say no to:

  1. Tough, fibrous vegetables: We know people talk about garbage disposal "blades" but disposals don't actually use blades – most have spinning impellers that don't cut anything but instead whip it into smaller pieces. Maybe this can help show why putting tough or stringer veggies down that drain is a mistake. They don't get shredded: instead they tend to get stuck and form clogs.
  2. Grease and oils: That grease and oil may look like a liquid when it goes it, but after it cools and mixes with water it forms dangerous sludge traps that clogs love. Pour it in the trash instead!
  3. Large Seeds: Large seeds tend to be hard and pulpy, and disposals cannot easily deal with them – primarily large seeds that are very solid.
  4. Heavy Bones: Fish bones may be able to make the journey, but many other types of larger bones are too solid and dense, and can damage your disposal permanently.
  5. Harsh chemicals: Disposals don't clog like pipes, so don't use clog removing chemicals or anything similar.
  6. Starchy foods: Potato peels in particular can stick in your drain and mess up the system.
  7. Anything not food-related: No plastics, no paper, and definitely no metals – if it isn't food, don't put it down this drain.

If you have any questions about your garbage disposal acting strangely or you want to check out a potential problem, contact us at Ragsdale and let us know what's going on. We're happy to help get your disposal back in working order!

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