You know those hot summer days are coming: Is your AC ready to cool down your house – and save you some money doing it? We've collected four tips to help make sure you're prepared!

  1. Clean out and repair your AC unit
    Air conditioners thrive with planned maintenance. If you haven't had your system cleaned since last year, make sure that it's ready to operate and keep you cool all summer long. Look for any drain clogs, piles of leaves or needles, or layers of dust that make the unit less efficient. This is also a good time to check out your crawlspace and duct work using a flashlight. Look for any gas, leaks or empty patches without insulation. Any leaks or other problems should be repaired so that cool air doesn't escape.
  2. Help your AC function better
    You can do a lot to ease the burden on your AC.
    • Consider turning your thermostat up at night and when you aren't in the house, so the AC won't work when it doesn't have to.
    • Close the blinds or drapes during the day, especially on windows that get direct sunlight.
    • Check your weatherstripping and other common insulation around the house. You'll want to make sure that cool air can't easily escape.
    • Don't leave windows open during the day. Instead, open upper-level windows in the evening (remember that heat rises).
  3. Check your refrigerant levels
    Refrigerant is the semi-gaseous "fuel" that AC units use to move heat away from the house. Over time, small amounts of refrigerant sometimes leak out of the unit, impairing efficiency. However, it is not possible to tell how much refrigerant your AC has just by looking. This a task that is best left to a professional. In general, extra-long running times are a sign that something is wrong. You can get your refrigerant levels checked by an AC technician to make sure they are within the right range, which will help you prepare for summer heat.
  4. Replace and update filters
    An old, clogged filter slows down your system and lets pollen into your home. Replace your filters now to get your AC ready for the intense heat of summer. If you've had trouble with dust and allergies before, consider upgrading your filter to a design that can get rid of more allergens.

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